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Atomic Pixel is Brisbane and Gold Coast Video Production Company with lots of high profile, quality international and national work under their belts, that are all produced to reasonable budget. Looking to create something? There are some great examples here in this site, from broadcast TV advertising and social media video productions, to TV series production. World wide launches of epic productions for interesting people included. If you want to drill down a bit to your particular style, there is PLENTY more to see in the portfolios section. Atomic Pixel are good problem solvers and have fresh and sensible solutions to the creation process. Many are impressed with the size and scope of the projects we produce without sacrificing a view and fresh air.
CLIENT: Kevin Murphy
TITLE: Amsterdam / New York major show event
KEVIN.MURPHY always give us great opportunities to produce experimental and creative vision. This is a small excerpt from a a panoramic show we produced for major events in Amsterdam and New York. The show was produced to a massive 8k wide screen resolution and projected along with the live fashion event.

CLIENT: Lamson
TITLE: Lamson Robo Courier
Showcasing the real life possibilities of robotics in the 21st century - our job is so much fun! Lamson robotic couriers are making an impact aged care facilities - freeing up the time consuming to and fro material delivery work and allowing carers to do what they do best - care.

TITLE: HiSmile Tooth Whitener
Animated Motion Graphics - Social Media Ad; HiSmile Whitens teeth in only 10 minutes, this great little video for HiSmile will make you smile.

TITLE: Beauty Sleep Power Peel (English version)
International TVC - TV Ad - Social Media Ad; Beauty Sleep Power Peel - Our animated product launch campaign for Alpha-H - multilingual across the globe.

TITLE: Liquid Laser
Another in our skin care product series for Alpha-H with some elegant explanations of what happens at a microscopic level.

TITLE: Liquid Gold
Sophisticated POS video - part of our product series for Alpha-H

TITLE: HepC New Treatment Awareness Campaign
Awareness campaign produced for the new HepC treatments available.

CLIENT: Kevin Murphy
TITLE: Ultra Wide Multiscreen Custom Show Vision
Ultra wide screens, high profile shows, two continents. Multiple layered custom vision produced for KEVIN.MURPHY
TITLE: Optimum
For MPPIglobal, we produced an introduction to their innovative specialist management software for the mining industry shown around global industry trade fairs.
CLIENT: Zakazukha
TITLE: Local Search
A national, local campaign? Sure! Local Search TVCs produced for Zakazukha - in your local area, wherever you are.
CLIENT: Nortec
TITLE: Connecting Great People with Great Jobs

TVC - TV Ad; When you're in the right job, or you have the right staff, you can wake up happy. Nortec Employment - connecting great people to great jobs. Shot on Sony FS7 Digital Cine Camera (and A7S)

CLIENT: Blue Star Line
TITLE: Titanic II

International Promotional Video; A celebration of the second Titanic, to be built in memory of the first and fulfil the dreams of thousands who would travel the oceans upon her. A modern, yet historical adventure.

CLIENT: Viking Elite
TITLE: Poo Crew

Corporate Video - Corporate Documentary; An enormous behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run the ‘Poo Crew’ for a big music festival.

CLIENT: Skyline Landscaping
TITLE: Introduction to Services

Brand Awareness Video; Skyline is an Australia wide landscape services company.

CLIENT: Palmer Coolum Resort
TITLE: Palmer Coolum Golf

TVC - TV Ad; Come and play on the Sunshine Coast's stunning golf course at Palmer Coolum Resort.

CLIENT: Palmer Coolum Resort
TITLE: Palmersaurus

TVC - TV Ad; Palmersaurus on the Sunshine Coast rocks! Grand opening TVC with loads of fun dinosaurs.

CLIENT: Origin
TITLE: Minimal Disturbance Coal Seam Gas

Corporate Video; A timelapse video of an entire coal seam gas well drilling cycle. The disturbance is so minimal on the land that virtually all the grass is still intact at the end of the drill cycle when the machinery is gone.

CLIENT: Ardagh
TITLE: 50 Years of Can Do

Corporate Video Legacy clip; A sign of the times - after 50 years of quality manufacturing on the Rocklea site, international pressures force the closure of the Ardagh Brisbane arm. Staff are proud to hold their heads high after years of a job well done.

CLIENT: Kevin Murphy
TITLE: The Dark Surfer

Shot on the beautiful dark sands of New Zealand's Kare Kare Beach, Atomic Pixel cut this moody and exotic clip for compilation into our new KEVIN.MURPHY App for Ipad and Android.

CLIENT: SEQ Council of Mayors
TITLE: Urban MythBusters 6

Explainer Video - Animation; Sometimes the fears of urban development are just, well, urban myths. Number 6 in the series explains medium density living with simple, positive terminology.

CLIENT: Queensland Motorways
TITLE: Motorway Toll Road System Section 1

Animated Educational Awareness Video; An off beat animated training video with madcap WAN and his team of robots explaining the motorway tolling system to internal staff and external stakeholders.

CLIENT: Translink
TITLE: Animated go Card Awareness Video

Animated Educational Awareness Video; Travelling on public transport in South East Queensland is easy when you use a go Card.

CLIENT: National Transport Insurance (NTI)
TITLE: NTI Corporate Documentary

Corporate Video - Brand Awareness Video; A documentary produced for NTI by Atomic Pixel, that involved extensive travel across Australia and some great trucking footage opportunities along the way.

CLIENT: Disney Singapore
TITLE: Disney Keyboard

TVC -TV Ad - Social Media Video Ad; Bounce up and down on the keyboard like a trampoline. Only on Disney Channel, a fantastical ident commercial.

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CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Design X Promo

Senior architects reflect on their influences and the benefits of using Centor's beautifully designed door fittings.

TITLE: 'Back from Holidays' TVC

A cute little television and viral commercial produced by Atomic Pixel - an old story with a new twist. What really happened while the family was away?

CLIENT: Hair Expo
TITLE: Hair Expo 007

Awesome older Film Clip - Music Video; Hair and fashion event extravaganza with an awesome James Bond theme.

CLIENT: Europcar
TITLE: 'Origami' International advertising campaign

International TV Ad- TVC; Part of an international ad compaign we produced.

CLIENT: CAMZ Entertainment
TITLE: 'Vivid' film clip for 'Accordin' to Jordyn'

Music Video - Film Clip; A great little film clip for a talented young Australian lass.

CLIENT: Light Knights Entertainment
TITLE: 'The Shapies' children's television series (excerpt)

TV Series - Broadcast Video Production - Animated Television; A look back at the first 3d animated series produced in Australia. In partnership with Light Knights, we produced many of the episodes in this landmark Australian series - The Shapies. Please enjoy this little excerpt.

and see even more featured clips….
CLIENT: Europcar
TITLE: '29 A Day' International advertising campaign

International TV Ad - TVC - Soecial Media Ad; Part of an international ad compaign we produced.

CLIENT: Charlie Company for Disney Channel
TITLE: Disney Mermaids

Two gorgeous mermaids in a backyard wading pool. Are they real? Who can tell? Beautiful effects for the Disney Channel.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: 'The Crumbles' Road Accident Prevention

Educational Video Production - Animated; Quirky road safety awareness animated video for primary school aged kids.

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Work For Us - Recruitment Video

International Promotional Video; An upbeat career and lifestyle oriented recruitment video for Queensland Health targeting international health professionals.

CLIENT: Thiess Services
TITLE: Double Bogey

Product Video - Brand Awareness Video; Some brand new trucks with a great way of dealing with an increasing rubbish load.

CLIENT: Hair Expo
TITLE: 'Proud to be a Hairdresser'

Event Video Production; One of the elaborate show openers produced for Hair Expo Australia

Whilst Atomic Pixel do more than vision creation, this page is a little collection from the thousands we have made that show you Atomic Pixel is very capable of sorting out your production and advertising needs with some creative flare. We creates strong visually based TV commercials, promotional video, animation and
education video productions, along with social media ads, including simple online banner ads.

Examples of our work - both new and old are here right through this site. As you can see the wide variety of projects that we work on, easily proves our strength as producers. At last count Atomic Pixel had created over 2500+ real world productions.

Thats a lot of great work, and we get that much work by doing fantastic looking 'stuff' at reasonable and modern prices. We are normally by far the best value for money and sparkle per dollar in our commercial industry.

More importantly - we have great people that are easy to get along with, and after having such an extensive amount of productions behind our belt... we make things quite effortless for you wherever possible. Give us the nod and things can just happen. We are are just warming up.

Please check out one of the other portfolio example channels to the left for something that suits your needs.

Benefits of Video Marketing (Video Production)

Online video advertising is often seen as a costly, luxurious type of advertising, reserved only for large brands with equally large advertising budgets. You are probably aware that online video advertising is bigger than in the past, with on-line video now accounting for a staggering amount of web traffic. There are various reasons to produce a video for your business on the Gold Coast or around Brisbane. The locations are stunning. A video will help to get the same message across on a mobile phone in a lot less time, as a video will use the entire screen. A video production campaign to promote your Brisbane or Gold Coast based company can be an excellent tool to make a quick and memorable impression.

Using videos is now an established way of raising trust in your brand. In most situations, a video is just a far better way to display the advantages of your product than a plain text message. A video will bring a lot of prospects for your business. According to Forbes, 59% of managers would rather see a video than reading text. Overall a video helps you develop a more personable connection with your audience. Video Marketing or its production process isn't always expensive, or complicated.

There's frequently an assumption that well-produced online video marketing (video production) can be too costly or time intensive, hence a poor self-made video is put forward to represent an otherwise quality brand. You can, however, get your hands on some high-quality video content with a professional production touch and to your video on the Gold Coast and around Brisbane, all for a reasonable budget.

You could use online video advertising without spending a fortune on your video production campaign. Atomic Pixel can produce high-quality video content with a unique flavour, that can provide value to your audience. You can use it on your website or include a link reference in your e-mail subject line may help increase open rates by up to 19%. Online video marketing increases the time individuals spend on your website. Visitors spend more time browsing websites with video than those without.

Video can help your potential audience make purchase decisions. These are only some of the advantages of using video in your on-line marketing. Video Production is just one aspect, making certain the video has a good effect is another. Get in Touch with one of our Video Production Experts on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane to discuss all your video production needs.

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