Ipad and Android apps

Atomic Pixel is a registered Apple and Android Developer.
We make educational, marketing and digital publishing style apps.
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Web Banners & Advertising

Fabulous Flash, animated GIFs and JPEG files produced to any publisher's spec.
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Public Relations Material

Tell your story your way!
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Time Lapse Photography

Watch days, weeks and months unfold in just minutes.
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Music Videos

Atomic Pixel will be focusing on more music videos in 2012. If you want a clip made - talk to us.
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Kid Vision

We love doing television, games and videos for kids - we get to be kids all over again!
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Fantastic, quirky and off-beat, make your animations attention-getters.
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TV and Viral Ads

Creative video content for websites and television.
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Business Documentaries

Nice fresh angles for corporate productions.
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Education / Edutainment

We can deliver a message and make it fun at the same time.
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Macro Photo/Video

Gorgeous macro cinematography - bring your tiny subjects to life!
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Media Event Filming

Important announcements? Community events? Professionally recorded with a human touch.
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Something different from Atomic Pixel

We think outside the box.
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CLIENT: Origin
TITLE: Minimal Disturbance Coal Seam Gas
CLIENT: Ardagh
TITLE: 50 Years of Can Do

A timelapse of an entire coal seam gas well drilling cycle. The disturbance is so minimal on the land that virtually all the grass is still intact at the end of the drill cycle when the machinery is gone.

A sign of the times - after 50 years of quality manufacturing on the Rocklea site, international pressures force the closure of the Ardagh Brisbane arm. Staff are proud to hold their heads high after years of a job well done.

CLIENT: Kevin Murphy
TITLE: The Dark Surfer
CLIENT: SEQ Council of Mayors
TITLE: Urban MythBusters 6

Shot on the beautiful dark sands of New Zealand's Kare Kare Beach, Atomic Pixel cut this moody and exotic clip for compilation into our new KEVIN.MURPHY App for Ipad and Android.

Sometimes the fears of urban development are just, well, urban myths. Number 6 in the series explains medium density living with simple, positive terminology.

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CLIENT: Queensland Motorways
TITLE: Motorway Toll Road System Section 1
CLIENT: Translink
TITLE: Animated go Card Awareness Video

An off beat animated training video with madcap WAN and his team of robots explaining the motorway tolling system to internal staff and external stakeholders.

Travelling on public transport in South East Queensland is easy when you use a go Card.

CLIENT: National Transport Insurance (NTI)
TITLE: NTI Corporate Documentary
CLIENT: Disney Singapore
TITLE: Disney Keyboard

A documentary produced for NTI, that involved extensive travel across Australia and some great number of trucking footage opportunities along the way.

Bounce up and down on the keyboard like a trampoline. Only on Disney Channel, a fantastical ident commercial.

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CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Design X Promo
TITLE: 'Back from Holidays' TVC

Senior architects reflect on their influences and the benefits of using Centor's beautifully designed door fittings.

A cute little television and viral commercial produced by Media Odyssey - an old story with a new twist. What really happened while the family was away?

CLIENT: Hair Expo
TITLE: Hair Expo 007
CLIENT: Europcar
TITLE: 'Origami' International advertising campaign

Hair and fashion event extravaganza with an awesome James Bond theme.

Part of an international ad compaign we produced.

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CLIENT: CAMZ Entertainment
TITLE: 'Vivid' film clip for 'Accordin' to Jordyn'
CLIENT: Light Knights Entertainment
TITLE: 'The Shapies' children's television series (excerpt)

A great little film clip.

A look back at the first 3d animated series produced in Australia. In partnership with Light Knights, Media Odyssey produced many of the episodes in this landmark Australian series - The Shapies. Please enjoy this little excerpt.

CLIENT: Europcar
TITLE: '29 A Day' International advertising campaign
CLIENT: Charlie Company for Disney Channel
TITLE: Disney Mermaids

Part of an international ad compaign we produced.

Two gorgeous mermaids in a backyard wading pool. Are they real? Who can tell? Beautiful effects by Media Odyssey for the Disney Channel.

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CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: 'The Crumbles' Road Accident Prevention
CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Work For Us - Recruitment Video

Quirky road safety awareness animated video for primary school aged kids.

An upbeat career and lifestyle oriented recruitment video for Queensland Health targeting international health professionals.

CLIENT: Thiess Services
TITLE: Double Bogey
CLIENT: Hair Expo
TITLE: 'Proud to be a Hairdresser'

Some brand new trucks with a great way of dealing with an increasing rubbish load.

One of the elaborate show openers produced for Hair Expo Australia

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Whatever you want you can have!

Atomic Pixel is a Brisbane and Gold Coast, production, Ipad/Android App developer, as well as a broadcast quality Animation and Video Production company, and web banner/ad creators that creates strong visually based TV commercials, promotional video, animation and education video productions, along with vIral ads and online banner ads

Examples of our work - both new and old are here right through this site. There are a wide variety of projects that we work on, and this preview is really just a teaser. At last count Media Odysseys
Directors and Producers had created 1600+ productions.

Thats a lot of
great work, and we get that much work by doing fantastic looking 'stuff' at reasonable and modern prices. We are normally by far the best value for money and sparkle per dollar in our commercial industry.

More importantly - we have great people that are easy to get along with, and after having such an
extensive amount of productions behind our belt... we make things quite effortless for you wherever possible. Give us the nod and things can just happen. We are are just warming up.

Please enjoy or feature little feature section below. REMEMBER this featured examples page is just a few examples - please check out the examples for a Channel that suits your needs.


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