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TITLE: HiSmile Tooth Whitener
Whitens teeth in only 10 minutes, this great little video for HiSmile will make you smile.

TITLE: Beauty Sleep Power Peel (English version)
Beauty Sleep Power Peel - Our animated product launch campaign for Alpha-H - multilingual across the globe.

CLIENT: Blue Star Line
TITLE: Titanic II

A celebration of the second Titanic, to be built in memory of the first and fulfil the dreams of thousands who would travel the oceans upon her. A modern, yet historical adventure.

CLIENT: Viking Elite
TITLE: Poo Crew

An enormous behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run the ‘Poo Crew’ for a big music festival.

CLIENT: Skyline Landscaping
TITLE: Introduction to Services

Skyline is an Australia wide landscape services company.

CLIENT: Krones, Kosme
TITLE: Bottling Equipment

Bottling plant manufacturing promotion of specific bottling equipment.

CLIENT: National Transport Insurance (NTI)
TITLE: NTI Corporate Documentary

A documentary produced for NTI by Atomic Pixel, that involved extensive travel across Australia and some great trucking footage opportunities along the way.

CLIENT: Thiess
TITLE: Thiess 75th Anniversary

A look back over the last 75 years as Thiess celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Work For Us - International Doctors Recruitment Video

Lifestyle and career opportunites are in plentiful supply working for Queensland Health.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Design X Promo

Architects reflect on their influences and the benefits of using Centor's beautifully designed door fittings.

CLIENT: Thiess Services
TITLE: Double Bogey

Some brand new trucks with a great way of dealing with an increasing rubbish load.

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Mental Health Recovery Video

Education and empowerment are critical elements to recovering from mental health illnesses to a functioning and purposeful life.

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Work For Us Recruitment Video

An upbeat career and lifestyle oriented recruitment video for Queensland Health targeting international health professionals.

CLIENT: Thiess
TITLE: Testimonial Video

We like working with Thiess - companies from all over Australia with different projects and needs talk about working with Thiess.

Atomic Pixel Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia Animation and Video Production, creates a lot of decent quality corporate videos.

One of our favourite styles of video productions in the corporate world is what we call, the corporate documentary. Atomic Pixel produces extremely high quality corporate documentaries for national and international companies.

The art of corporate documentary making is slightly different to that of a generic promotional video. Yes, at the end of the day, they both aim to convey a solid positioning statement of the company they represent, but a 'corporate documentary' is probably more in line with storytelling through the individuals within the company's framework, and representing that content in a manner that moulds a story.

A standard corporate video often relies on a scripted voice over. It would rarely involve a complete wall to wall voice over in a corporate documentary, and in some cases would have no voice over. It would be a story told from individuals and music accompanied by great images.

Don't presume that you know their flavour without watching a few through. They can be varied and interesting. Be sure to check out our other channels for some inspiration,

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