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Educational video production, educational videos & online education by Atomic Pixel

Atomic Pixel create a massive amount of educational content.
( By nature a lot of this content is used in commercial or confidential academic environments. Therefore we can not put a lot of the material on display here.)
CLIENT: Queensland Brain Institute
TITLE: Our Vision

Professor John McGrath describes in simple English the goals of the Cadence Project at the Queensland Brain Institute.

CLIENT: Queensland Brain Institute
TITLE: Cadence Project - Citizen Scientists

As part of a series of educational videos, Associate Professor James Scott introduces the concept of 'Citizen Scientists' - working in conjunction with the researchers on the Cadence Project.

CLIENT: Queensland Motorways
TITLE: Motorway Toll Road System Section 1

An off beat animated training video with madcap WAN and his team of robots explaining the motorway tolling system to internal staff and external stakeholders.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: 'The Crumbles' Road Accident Prevention

Quirky road safety awareness animated video for primary school aged kids.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: Triple Zero Hero

Find out what it takes to be a Triple Zero Hero - a sample of the interactive game developed for the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service to educate and entertain at the Royal Brisbane Show (the Ekka!)

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Mental Health Recovery Video

Education and empowerment are critical elements to recovering from mental health illnesses to a functioning and purposeful life.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: 3D Multiscreen Educational Video

What to do when the house is on fire? Blazer and his merry band of echidnas will show you in glorious 3D across an ultrawide 3 screen display.

CLIENT: Translink
TITLE: goCard Awareness Video

Travelling on public transport in South East Queensland is easy when you use a go Card.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: Fire Safety - It's Up to You

Queensland Fire and Rescue aim to educate the community about the causes and effects of fires.

CLIENT: Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
TITLE: Blazer in the Third Dimension

Blazer and his sidekick Hose explains evacation procedures in case of fire.

Atomic Pixel Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia Animation and Video Production, creates unique and creative educational video productions and interactive tools as well as straight example training and educational media. We produce this content for government, community and educational institutions such as universities.

Styles do differ greatly. The fun and larger cross section audience productions, are often bigger productions with animated characters forming a story. The other line is the teach - example dramatisation re-enactment style of production.

Atomic Pixel is one of the few companies in Brisbane, Queensland with a reasonable array of very creative and well executed examples of these productions under their belt.

Many of the educational productions that Atomic Pixel has created have won multiple state and national awards. We believe that education can be entertaining at the same time, and that the retention rate is greater if we are all 'having fun' . We strive to make that the case wherever it is possible within the educational framework that has been established.

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