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If you have something you want to say, or a product to promote, the first question needs to be “Have you got a video?”. Atomic Pixel can make you a video! But not all motion pictures tell a good story. In this age of technologically sophisticated audiences, nothing will get your message across faster than video - upload it to the web, create a commercial for television or run promos on a screen in your foyer.

Let’s Create something.
TITLE: HiSmile Tooth Whitener
Whitens teeth in only 10 minutes, this great little video for HiSmile will make you smile.

TITLE: Beauty Sleep Power Peel (English version)
Beauty Sleep Power Peel - Our animated product launch campaign for Alpha-H - multilingual across the globe.

CLIENT: Blue Star Line
TITLE: Titanic II

A celebration of the second Titanic, to be built in memory of the first and fulfil the dreams of thousands who would travel the oceans upon her. A modern, yet historical adventure.

TITLE: Mowjo Promo

A terrific new product to make your weekend easier - a Mowjo!

CLIENT: Krones, Kosme
TITLE: Bottling Equipment

Bottling plant manufacturing promotion of specific bottling equipment.

CLIENT: Viking Elite
TITLE: Poo Crew

An enormous behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run the ‘Poo Crew’ for a big music festival.

CLIENT: Skyline Landscaping
TITLE: Introduction to Services

Skyline is an Australia wide landscape services company.

CLIENT: Queensland Brain Institute
TITLE: Our Vision

Professor John McGrath describes in simple English the goals of the Cadence Project at the Queensland Brain Institute.

CLIENT: Esa Live
TITLE: Esa Live Promo

The many aspects required to bring a live event together - ESA does it all.

CLIENT: National Transport Industry (NTI)
TITLE: NTI Corporate Documentary

A documentary produced for NTI by Atomic Pixel, that involved extensive travel across Australia and some great trucking footage opportunities along the way.

CLIENT: Queensland Health
TITLE: Work For Us - International Doctors Recruitment Video

Lifestyle and career opportunites are in plentiful supply working for Queensland Health.

CLIENT: Red Cross
TITLE: Volunteer Recruitment Video

Missing your dose of the warm and fuzzies? Get out there and volunteer! Make a difference to those around us who have really suffered in recent disasters - real volunteers tell us how it really is.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Design X Promo

Senior architects reflect on their influences and the benefits of using Centor's beautifully designed door fittings.

TITLE: Combat Support Group (CSG)

Combat Support Group Units are key to an efficient operation. This video communicates the concept of 'capability bricks'.

CLIENT: Thiess
TITLE: Thiess 75th Anniversary

A look back over the last 75 years as Thiess celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Bottom Roller Door System

Centor has revolutionised how folding doors and windows move - this video explains the mechanics of their system.

TITLE: CS Energy Celebrares - 1997 - 2011

CS Energy celebrates 14 years of operation prior to restructuring.

TITLE: 9-5

Diverse publications for a wide ranging readership.

TITLE: Corporate Video

Insure your house against termites with the FMC Million Dollar Warranty.

TITLE: Product Launch

A funky upbeat production for a PPS Hair Wear product presentation.

TITLE: Disability Empowerment

Q Rapid, equipping those with disabilities with the skills to lead independent lives.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: SE1 Product Promotion

The world's first horizontal retractable screen and blind system for windows and doors

CLIENT: Togninis
TITLE: Centre Stage

Togninis, always at the forefront of fashion.

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