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I've tried to make every single movie as if it was made by a different director, because I'm very conscious of not wanting to impose a consistent style on subject matter that is not necessarily suited to that style. So I try to re-invent my own eye every time I tackle a new subject.
Steven Spielberg

Lots of different styles to check out here, so lets start clicking!

Each of the buttons below will take you to a categorised section of things to view. Have Fun.
Atomic Pixel have MANY different styles of products. This diversity comes from having done a massive amount of work from equally diverse clients over a lot of years and a desire to create content that is unique as possible.

You will see from our large body of work both, new and old, that creative and technical skills are ingrained in the crew, and have been for a very long time. Atomic Pixel blends technology and creativity daily, and creative concepts are very welcome here.

Here in our Portfolio Gallery Collection you will see that what we have done is created a series portfolio channels that will allow you to search for the style of thing you might be looking for. That page is designed to give you a quick look into Atomic Pixel as quality animation and video production producers.

The portfolio pages are categorised into areas of interest. You might be looking for television commercials, or you might just be interested in animation work. Possibly Fashion? - whatever your interest is there is probably a channel that covers it and you will be able to see some great examples of Atomic Pixel’s producer showreels in them.

We hope you enjoy.

Quality production, consulting and management services for the TV, media, social and large event industries, by Atomic Pixel

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