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CLIENT: Blue Star Line
TITLE: Titanic II

A celebration of the second Titanic, to be built in memory of the first and fulfil the dreams of thousands who would travel the oceans upon her. A modern, yet historical adventure.

TITLE: Mowjo Promo

A terrific new product to make your weekend easier - a Mowjo!

CLIENT: Queensland Brain Institute
TITLE: Our Vision

Professor John McGrath describes in simple English the goals of the Cadence Project at the Queensland Brain Institute.

CLIENT: Queensland Brain Institute
TITLE: Cadence Project - Citizen Scientists

As part of a series of educational videos, Associate Professor James Scott introduces the concept of 'Citizen Scientists' - working in conjunction with the researchers on the Cadence Project.

CLIENT: Suncorp
TITLE: Suncorp Stadium Visualisation (prior to build)

Prior to the construction of Suncorp Stadium, we brought the end result to life.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Bottom Roller Door System

Centor has revolutionised how folding doors and windows move - this video explains the mechanics of their system.

CLIENT: Centor
TITLE: Bottom Roller Door System (French version)

Want to see it before it's made? Looking to convince potential investors or just impress? Atomic Pixel can assist with technical visualisations, created by our talented animation team and guided by your requirements.

Atomic Pixel creates high end visualisations of architectural and large scale civil and civic development sites such as Lang Park (before it was built), the Gateway Bridge upgrade, ZeroGen coal seam power development right down to smaller scale manufacturers' components such as refined sliding door hardware.

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