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Marketing is a contest for people's attention.
Seth Godin
Marketing is a contest for peoples attention, with or without their permission. One must devise new ideas for what might work with the current brand, in the market it will be exposed to, and consider the density of advertising noise in that arena. Keep it interesting, is the best mantra. Once you entertain or engage, you have permission to sell your case.

Atomic Pixel cater to a wide market. Its main focus areas are quality management and production services for the TV, media, social and large event industries. The company quite often gets involved wth supervisory and consulting roles on large scale projects in these areas. Atomic Pixel are producers of high quality television commercials and social media advertisements. That frequently includes the radio ad aspects of the campaigns. We have worked on many great projects that wrap around the whole world.
I think that even if you're wondering if two characters are ever going to kiss, drawing out the inevitability is part of the fun. Whatever the genre happens to be.
J. J. Abrams
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Quality production, consulting and management services for the TV, media, social and large event industries, by Atomic Pixel

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