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“We’re very impressed with your work, and extremely happy with the outcome.”
“You definitely delivered the ‘WOW factor that we were chasing.
You are a genius and I am glad that we are working with you. Thank You”
“Looks sensational!” 
“Thats quite an impressive result. Certainly has the wow and impact that’s needed for a project of this magnitude and importance”
“Have reviewed the entire thing and all gold!”
“Wow, it looks great – The style and consistency with the characters and your modelling is excellent. I will definitely be using you in the (near) future, you can count on it…”
"Coming to Atomic Pixel is like coming to an oasis, escaping the chaotic world.
Oasis where cool and creative stuff happens."
"Thanks for delivering a great set of animations.
We were really happy with the final versions and really impressed with your capability and execution."
“We really appreciate the work you put in to make this a really worthwhile production."
"Everyone loved the video. Good work and congrats to everyone involved!"
"Love your work... “
"It looks great, we are all really happy”
"The first site function was held at Mt Isa yesterday and the video was well received by all and everyone grabbed a copy to take home! Very impressive result... so thanks!”
"Well another successful Business Achiever season has now drawn to a close and I'd like to thank you and the team for your contribution to the Awards program! Atomic Pixel played a major part in creating a new look and feel for the Awards and I'm pleased to say that the resounding feedback has been extremely positive. This year we introduced guest evaluation forms for each event and particular mention has been made of the changes to the visuals. All in all it was a fantastic year which I have very much enjoyed thanks to your support. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.
"Thank you all so much - we do appreciate your help!
"The 'Celebration of Life' film was fantastic up on the big screen in City Hall. Thank you for your great work!
"I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and supreme satisfaction with regard to the recent production for the purpose of our recent conference. The production surpassed my expectations and I will have no hesitation in utilising your services for future projects."
"I would like to express our appreciation for your assistance with the production of a high quality educational video for staff of Australian hospitals and residential aged care facilities. Thus enabling the production of a practical means of presenting/packaging the Guidelines and support materials. I realise that accomplishing the required work was not always easy and was often within tight timeframes; however, you always managed to deliver with a professionalism that is admirable. The project has been commended on the presentation of the guidelines and materials and the quality of the video production campaign, which would not have been possible without your assistance. Along with the project team you should be proud of what you have achieved."
"Got the vision today. Just dropping a quick note to say I really appreciate the big effort that went into the website promo both for the shoot and post, and to thank you for what ended up being a fantastic result."
"Several years ago the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) went to a tender process to have a purpose built multimedia mobile caravan built. We found during the tender process that only one Qld company stepped up to the mark. We required total project management from the creative aspects right through to the hands on technical and trade level fit out. Due to the project's level of sophistication and the inherent complexities this brings, many companies self eliminated with the ability to only handle component or piecework aspects. Our project was a mobile audiovisual presentation that was engineered to synchronise 3 digital screen projections linked seamlessly as one image. It was clear that Atomic Pixel was the only possible solution for the total project management. We have found David Wright and his crew to be pleasant ad responsive to deal with. They perform with a great deal of professionalism and are dedicated to completing their projects in an efficient manner. I believe the crew is very thorough ad that they do extremely well to balance the technical aspects with the creative. The is continuity of service from beginning to end that is rarely found these days. The project was delivered on budget and in a timely manner. We had only pleasant surprises throughout the construction phase. We have had significant results form the project. To date we have had thousands of children view the show and it still remains an active component in our public awareness campaigns. I wish the crew at David Wright and his team all the best on their future endeavours. They are a highly skilled and creative firm that have certainly earned our respect through dedication and hard work.”
"I have had the pleasure of working with David Wright and the crew on our major project 'Blazer in the Third Dimension'. This was a complex project that required total project management from concept to completion. It married together everything from the very impressive stereoscopic animated production through to the hardware and supply of a 40ft high wall rail container modified into a custom manufactured mobile 3D theatre. The crew worked tirelessly day and night to endure that our deadlines were met. Despite the large scale of the project full of unique challenges, they delivered on time and within the quoted budget. I have no hesitation in recommending them at a project management level. The result is a track proven show and theatre that has already had in excess of 6500 regional viewings and 150 viewings interstate and out of region within Queensland. We have monitored the success of the show and theatre based on the audience's retention, and the results were very commendable. Certainly it is clear that David Wright’s team have both the technical and creative combination to put forward major mobile presentations, and the after sales support has been greatly appreciated."
"Light Knights Productions contracted David Wright and his crew over several larger facilities based in Australia. We did this because of the amount of positive energy that these guys give off, as well as their already established reputation for delivering quality product. They were the first contracted company to deliver us finished product for our post sessions ad worked with us for both seasons one and two of 'The Shapies'. In this day and age it is great to deal with a company that actually delivers. I believe that David Wright and his crew have delivered some very clever processes for making episodic animation flow easier. Certainly his automated animation tracking systems help them speed things along providing accurate and up to the minute reporting and systems management. Their systems presented operators with our story information, and tracked every step of the animation process through to final delivery to our post-production team. This saved an immense amount of time and kept things down to viable production budgets. Partnering with them was a pleasant and rewarding experience. I look forward to future partnering with this company."
I am writing to thank you and your colleagues for the work that you delivered when producing the Queensland ICT! video campaign. We appreciate the quality of product that you delivered within short timeframes and in view of project complexities of existing audio and visual data. Since publishing, the disc has been distributed to international business partners, potential global partners, trade and investment agencies worldwide and to participants at a number of international events including: All reports and observations indicate that it has been an effective promotional tool. It has been rewarding to work with an innovative Queensland ICT company such as yours on producing this disc.
I felt I was appropriate to write to you with sincere thanks for the recent promotional material that was produced for us. I had no doubt you would provide us with an edge of creativity and design that would outperform anyone we are aware of. We now look forward to being able to communicate our services internationally, with confidence. We appreciate its a number of people who have made this happen. Therefore, we ask you to pass on our gratitude to all involved. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
Just a quick note to let you know that the City Trax presentation went very well. We received some excellent feedback from our audience and the City Trax team itself was extremely pleased with the professional and innovative image your multimedia production gave to our Consortium. Many thanks to you and the team for the long hours and excellent end result.
Just wanted to pass on our compliments to you and your team for an awesome edit on the Hair Expo promo video. It is rare to find a promo video with edited vision and audio so perfectly matched. You must have some new toys. Great work... keep it up!
I would like to convey our thanks for the technical help and service you provide our company in the production of the many awards that we stage. The attention to detail, the 'nothing is a problem' attitude, the willingness to try new ideas and all within budget limit deserves its own Award. Please pass my thanks on to the team. I look forward to our ongoing relationship.

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